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My life these days doesn't leave much time for blogging. As a brand-new School Social Worker (Capitalized!), I'm working 11.5 hour days for peanuts, coming home and working some more.

So, I'm trying to take a break and "relax". Which means cooking all the veggies that are rotting away from neglect in the fridge, plus the new ones that I just got from my CSA ("Community Supported Agriculture"), Eatwell Farms.

Basically, it's a box of fairly locally-grown (California), mostly organic veggies that gets delivered twice a month to a drop-off location; I pick it up after work. (That is, when I don't forget, which has only happened once or twice over the last 4 years, miracle of miracle.)

I love Eatwell because everything is in-season, they give me recipes, and I can put the boxes on hold for my travels. The only downside is every now and then you wind up with 800 pounds of yams or 6 uneaten eggplants in the fridge.

This week, it's tomatillos and zucchini: they got delivered this week, and I've been so busy the last 2 weeks I haven't done anything with them at all.

So, I'm attempting to cook. Generally, my food is pretty ugly but tastes OK. Except for a few disasters, that is (a zucchini basil soup was particularly wretched).

Today I'm attempting this recipe from the She Wears Many Hats blog, for a tomatillo salsa. (Image from her blog, too!)

Veggies are roasting. I was about to look for a zucchini recipe, but it seems my work-12-hours, come-home-and-isolate isn't the healthiest idea, so I'm going to just... let those veggies roast and go out to dinner with my friend Allison at Emmy's Spaghetti Shack. (<--also stolen from google)

So much for best laid plans! Now we know why my fridge is full of rotting veggies...



Sep. 8th, 2011 04:51 pm (UTC)
Ooh, now I want spaghetti. And tomatillo salsa. Not necessarily together. (But not necessarily not.)